4 Day of Meds – Lab results back

Today might be my best day. I’ve noticed some light-headiness when I am super hungry after taking the pill. Yesterday I ate a bowl of cereal but by noon I was feeling woozy. Today I overslept, taking my pill after 9am and eating just 3 hours later. Except for where I waited in the car today with the Fall breeze coming through the windows and the sound of traffic making me sleepy (wife was shopping) I have been on top of things.

I’ve been taking my blood pressure  2 hours after taking the medicine as told by my doctor. I take three readings and the average reading the past 4 mornings has been about 115/77. That is a lot better than the 152/90 reading I got at the office and the usual average of 138/92 that I’ve been getting for some time. My wife and I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel and behave. I used to feel winded just trying to get my sock on!

So I got my lab results back in the mail (wow! that was fast!) and I have a few flags going off.

  1. Glucose, Serum was 101 mg/dL , Reference range is 65 – 99
    1. Last year it was 100 or 101. I can’t find my last results so I am going on memory here.
  2. Creatinine, Serum was 0.68 mg/dL , Reference range is 0.76 – 1.27
    1. Not sure that a low number is bad or not
  3. ALT (SGPT) was 55 IU/L , Reference range is 0 – 44
    1. Had to look this up. I am betting it is elevated because of my weight.

Here comes the more scary numbers, which from my memory, have worsen from last test.

  1. Cholesterol, Total was 201mg/dL , Reference range is 100 – 199
  2. Triglycerides was 326 mg/dL , Reference range is 0 – 149
    1. Now that is just scary. If memory serves, it was around 200 last time
  3. HDL Cholesterol was 35 mg/dL , Reference range is >39
    1. That’s your good stuff so it being low I bad
  4. LDL Cholesterol Calc was 101 mg/dL , Reference range is 0 – 99
  5. VLDL Cholesterol Cal was 65 mg/dL , Reference range is 5 – 40

Heart Disease and things like that run on my Dad’s side. I remember my Pop-pop having strokes and there were more than I was let on to know and I believe he was the longest living Duke male on our side (he died at age 75), which was probably due to medication. My father is on medication is in fairly good shape, though he appears to be slowing down. He is 70….or 71 and has stopped playing tennis from what I know. I think this is due to his knees mostly and maybe getting tired faster.  Personally I’d like to live to 100 or so. My son wasn’t born until I was…… 37 years old. I want to see him grow up and become successful and have those 5 children he said he wants to have. I want 5 grandchildren and to see them grow up and become successful. I wouldn’t mind even seeing great grandchildren!

So my report had a note attached to it and I’m going to do my best. Here is what it said:

Thyroid and blood count are normal. Fasting blood sugar is a little elevated. This indicates that while you do not have diabetes, you are at increased risk for developing diabetes. Work hard on following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise for weight loss to help with this. Limit sweets and carbs in your diet (white rice, pasta, white bread, potatoes, etc). Kidneys, electrolytes and liver function look okay. Urine is fine. Cholesterol overall looks okay but your triglycerides are high. Limit fatty and fried foods in your diet and take a fish oil supplement to help with this. Prostate blood test looks fine.

So it’s time to change it around!


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