SoTD ~ Arko August ~ Next months theme

Normally for September I would do Speick all month but after doing a month of Arko I feel I am not going to be very happy doing one type of soap for another month. So the month of September will be dedicated to SE razors. Let’s call it SEptember. I’m positive someone else came up with that before me.

I have two Schick injectors, two Ever-Ready’s and five Gem’s. This means 3 days for each razor and 4 days for my three favorite. This also means, at the most, 9 blades will be used. That’s $1.44 total in the cost of blades. Cheap!

Slowly but surely the Arko is disappearing. Normally I only load enough for the shave at hand, but I have not been holding back with the Arko. I’m determined to free up this mug for other soaps that are waiting. I have a Soap Commander sample (Thanksliving – last years fall scent) and Stirling Soap sample (Hot Apple Cider) that I am looking forward to using this fall!

  • Arko
  • Semogue 1520
  • Ever~Ready 1924
  • Treet Super (4)
  • Hot Shower
  • Old Spice aftershave – Fresh scent



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