Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Through the Fire Fine Craft ~ Ember

I got this sample through a brush purchase from a fellow shave friend.  I should have taken the sample out and mash it in a larger tin but I failed to do that. I’m currently on a small road trip and the water here is hard. That larger tin would have been helpful. Despite that, the soap lathered quickly but remained thin on my face. It felt slick though and I did 3 fast passes. If I had it in a larger tin I am sure it would have made a fabulous lather. Did I mention the scent? Awesome scent! 

The Micro Touch One should get more love. It combined with the Gillette blade gave a great smooth shave. 

The application of after shave gave no sting and felt crisp and cool.

Through The Fire Fine Craft – Ember
Elite badger brush
Micro Touch One
Gillette Silver Blue
Family Dollar ‘Brut’



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