Second day on medication

Had some highs and lows today.  This morning I am explaining to my 7 year old son what the medicine does and how the pressure cuff works and out of the blue he says to me “You look younger today Daddy”. Wow. Just wow! After I get back home from dropping him off at school I check the mirror and yes, I do look a little younger.  My wife said she sees a difference too. I had my coffee, got a shower and we went antiquing (my wife has the week off). Around noon I started to feel a little woozy. Was my pressure too low or was it because my stomach was growling and I needed food? I don’t know! We stopped at Burger King and I got a Whopper, large fry, large Sprite and an Original Chicken Sandwich. Notice the Whopper was not a double and no cheese? Yeah, I’m trying. Normally it would be a Double Whopper with Cheese. Anyway. I ate the Whopper and the Chicken sandwich, ate three onion rings from my wife and about 10 fries and tossed the rest. I drank only half my Sprite. All in all, that is half of what I would normally eat!  It wasn’t till about 4pm that I started to feel better. I did check my blood pressure at 1pm and it was not bad.

At 4pm, feeling better, I started to clean the kitchen and fix a spaghetti dinner. Little less than a pound of ground beef, about 2 cups fresh sliced mushrooms, 2/3 Hunts spaghetti sauce and just enough thin spaghetti for three people. I gave myself most of the mushrooms. Love mushrooms. This cut down on the amount of meat sauce I had. Normally I would eat twice the amount of spaghetti and sauce, but not today.  Started to clean up the mess and start some laundry. Got my son started on a bubble bath and then I rushed outside and cut the front yard.

Normally when I cut the yard (I do NOT have a riding lawnmower), after 5 minutes my ankle is swollen and my face is near purple and I feel like my head is going to explode. That’s after 5 minutes. NOT TONIGHT! Oh my goodness it was amazing! I cut the entire front yard and did not feel winded. I felt a little pinkish but my ankle did not swell, I did not sweat as much (1/16 of what I normally sweat) and I didn’t feel like I would explode. I did not turn beet red or purple and when I finished and came in and sat in front of the fan for about 3 minutes and a sip of water before showering off. Normally I drink half a gallon of ice water and sit in front of the fan for 30 minutes or more and then take a 30 minute cold shower to cool down. To be honest. I felt like I did as a teenager without a handicap…. from the waist up. Afraid there is nothing to be done for my two bad legs. I still feel like I could have cut the sides and perhaps some of the back. My energy level is up!

But it got dark and I can’t see the fire ant mounds so that was a no go.

So why did I feel the way I did earlier? Was it a combo of hunger and a more normal blood pressure? Going to make sure I eat breakfast tomorrow and see if it happens again.



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