Shave of the Days

I can’t really recall what brushes I’ve been using or how many blades, but I will say it has been nothing but Soap Commander for past few shaves. Razor has been the Merkur 11c. Soap has been Resolution from Soap Commander. I’m going to be making a Soap Commander purchase very shortly and I feel that the Resolution wont be getting much attention this Fall and Winter because of what is coming.

Got my sample of Connection yesterday, along with a matching sample of the balm.  Wow, just wow! I’m not a big balm person, and I have enough to last me ages, but I might get the matching balm for this. I know I’m getting the soap!

I have found that the best brush for my Soap Commander collection of soaps is my badger brushes, mainly the silvertips. Any brush will do, but the best looking and built lather is certainly my higher grade badgers. I just found that interesting.

Went to antique and thrift stores with my wife this week as she had the week off. I picked up an un-opened, still in box, bottle of Avon Spicy aftershave in the The Capital bottle. This particular bottle was issued for 1976. I do believe that this aftershave would pair perfectly with Connection shave soap from Soap Commander! I was going to use it this morning but decided to use the matching balm. I did see one Gillette Superspeed in pretty good condition for just under 6 dollars, but I passed as I already have a few TTO type razors.


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