Just a place to put my photos of my weight reduction progress. I hope I don’t make anyone blind here.

The beginning:



You can see part of the reason I am overweight. Handicap. The fake leg is actually my more stable leg. The other leg is all bad and every now and then I fall because of it.  The doctors had said I would have to have a brace on it for the rest of my life and use one cane and possibly two to walk.  No thank you. The other reason for my weight is all the fatty foods and processed crap I was putting in my body.  These photos were taken on January 23rd, 2013. This is after I lost about 8 pounds from my first couple of weeks.  I will post new photos every 2 months I think. We will see.

It’s March 1st and I’m now 28 pounds lighter. The stomach area is thinner but I’m having to lean back to keep my balance while holding my son so it’s hard to see the difference.

28 pounds lighter


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