I have no idea why anyone would want to know more about me, but since you clicked the link I will enlighten you with some information.

My real name is Lamar and the site is just my name and it’s mirror image I guess.  Nothing fancy or witty there. I am married to a wonderful woman and have one son together. We also have an American Hairless Terrier named Buddy.

I started this website to discuss shaving but it has strayed to dieting, or more like a diet journal. I dislike the term diet/dieting and prefer to refer to all this as healthier living. I am not doing Weight Watchers (although I did lose 20 pounds on that last year) or anything else. My goal is to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables, less red meat, a lot less saturated fats and replace simple over-processed carbohydrates with whole wheat and such. I’m cutting out fast food and sweets and drinking (trying to) 8 glasses of water daily. I am not alone in this as my wife is trying to do the same. I am unemployed so I stay home all day with my boys and I do all the meal preparations for the family. I actually enjoy cooking and am quite good at it. I also enjoy grocery shopping. Two things my wife doesn’t like so staying at home has worked out for us.

I do follow other people that are on the same journey and if you are new here and trying to lose weight, then I would suggest you check out those that I follow. I either follow because they inspire me to do better, they have delicious food ideas or they just need good honest encouragement to keep going just like myself.  I ask that you be nice with your comments on my page and theirs.

Shaving. Seems like an odd thing to post about, right? Well I post about it because I love to shave. I used to be an electric razor or 15  3 bladed cartridge razor kinda of guy until I found out that people still use a more traditional approach. Due to rising cost and just how boring and painful the modern approach was I decided to look into traditional wet shaving methods. Let me just say that shaving soaps, croaps and creams just smell better than the goop in a can. Lathering the face with a nice soft tip boar bristle brush (well broken in) is a wonderful experience. Shaving with a double edge safety razor has eliminated all my in-grown hairs and I no longer go through the day and night itching my neck and I can still achieve a baby butt smooth shave. If anyone wants more information on methods/items and such, then Google mantic59 or geofatboy for more information and much more entertaining. I’m happy to answer any questions also but these two guys are much more knowledgeable than myself.

The gift section is where I post photos of crazy awkward gifts received by my in-laws. If you want a laugh then go there first.

In the spring I plant stuff in my small garden and take photos of the food I get back.

The duck section goes back to my first attempt at blogging. I didn’t bother carrying over any of the old posts and now that there is only 2 ducks left I suspect this section will not have many postings. I might include other wildlife that visits the pond out back. Dunno.


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