Cream Week ~ Day 4

Sorry for posting so late but it was a quick shave and then I had to pack and travel.

J.M. Fraser’s. I adore this cream. I had picked up a full tub of this just 2 months after my conversion to traditional wet shaving. It has a lemony smell but to my nose it is more in line with the scent of some sort of household cleaner. Still I find the scent pleasing and I haven’t heard of anyone disliking it.  I gave half and the tub it came in to my little brother so mine is in this plastic toddler bowl. It is incredibly affordable but seems to be frequently out of stock which is why I don’t use it much.
How does it perform? I think it is on par with the others that I have used. I did 3 passes and am bbs with no issu
es. Again there was no prep or pre-shave done.
● Semogue 730hd
● J.M. Fraser’s
● Merkur23c
● Gillette Silver Blue
● hot shower
● British Sterling



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