Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Bigelow,BDF,Arko and Classic Shaving Brand

The last two days of my road trip was way to busy to post and I apologize if that ruin your day, which I doubt.

My second day, July 15,  was in Valdosta and the water was somewhat hard. I had to used double the amount of Bigelow to get a good slick lather to shave with and the ends results were just fine. Brush, blade, razor and aftershave were the same as the previous post.

My third day, July 16, was at Jekyll Island and the water seemed even harder. My bath soap barely gave any lather at all so I had a good idea that this was to be different. The soap was a small sample of Barbiere di Figaro, or BDF. Using the same brush as before I soaked it in hot water and added a few drops of hot water to the soap and let it sit for about a minute. Shook out the brush and loaded up. It actually looked just fine and I transferred to my salsa bowl and whipped up what looked like a good lather. I put it on my face and started a pass and then stopped. Lather looked great but where was the slickness? I squeezed out the lather from my brush into the salsa bowl and took a rather dry brush now to the sample and loaded for double the time. I took this and a few drops water back to the salsa bowl and worked at it. The lather looked the same, just double the volume, but now it felt slick and my shave proceeded as normal.

Lesson to be learned is if you have hard water you need to load the soap unto your brush for a longer time. That is all.

Today’s shave is a Arko for my face and Classic Shaving – Classic Brand lime/coconut for my head.


I have my sticks of Arko mashed into a Barbershop mug I found for under a dollar at the Goodwill. I soaked my brush in warm water, shook it out and loaded the soap. Now some people hate Arko for the scent. I find it has a slight lemony soapy scent. Others have said it smells like a urinal puck. I have no issue with the smell of a urinal puck…. as long as it hasn’t been used. To me, Arko is like Williams Mug Soap except it takes less time to create a stable lather, and I didn’t spend much time to get plenty of lather for a 4 pass shave. Using the same blade I had used before I left for my trip I did 4 passes with a light touch and my face is healthy and happy for it. Took a shower, Old Spice Classic scent body wash, and then some vintage Old Spice to finish the day.

  • Arko
  • Semogue SOC boar
  • Gem coated stainless steel
  • Gem 1924
  • Old Spice aftershave



I grabbed 5 soaps to use on my scalp tonight and the Classic Shaving soap won as it’s container and soap color more closely matched the brush and razor and tiles for the photo. Yup, that is the reason for my choice. Soap Commander Resolution was my first choice but the colors clashed! This soap lathers very easily and will be on my buy list sometime in the future. How it feels on my face is similar to Van Der Hagen Deluxe. Just to determine how effective it is I did two passes with that same blade from this morning. I went WTG and then for the second pass I did an ATG, which I don’t think I have done before with this razor. The good news is there are no rashes, bumps, cuts and after a cold rinse my head feels soft and not dried out.

  • Classic Shaving – Classic Brand – Lime/Coconut
  • Vie Long 16727
  • Gem 1912
  • Gem coated stainless steel (4)
  • cold water



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