End of Single Edge September ~ SoTD ~ Soap Commander week

September 30th. Final Day of Single-Edge September. When I started this journey I had planned on using every single SE razor I own but it just didn’t turn out that way. What ended up happening is I spent extra time with the shavette trying to perfect it and then in the end I got hung up on one of my favorite SE razors – the Gem 1912.  Funny how things don’t go as planned sometimes.

So today, after showering and washing my face with the apricot scrub , I got to thinking how this will be the 12th shave with the same Gem blade and how my last shave seemed a less sharp as usual. I decided I better use a pre-shave gel just in case and grabbed my Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp pre-shave gel and smeared it on. Lathered up some Soap Commander Resolution (last years winter scent) and went to town with a Across the Grain pass all over and then an Against the Grain pass from the jaw line and up and on the neck I just did an Across the Grain in opposite direction with a slight slant.

Gem Razors are designed so that you just lay the head against your skin and make the pass, but I usually tilt it a bit more for a different angle. My way was used on the first pass but then I did it the GEM way on the second. I could tell the blade wasn’t that sharp, but it still felt incredibly smooth. I fully expected to see little red dots everywhere but I saw none and I am nearly BBS with very little sting from some old Skin Bracer.

Curious as too what razors I used and don’t want to read past blog posts? Fine. :/

  1. Gem Featherweight – 2 shaves (I started with my least favorite)
  2. Gem Micromatic (open-comb) – 2 1/2 shaves
  3. Gem G-bar – 2 1/2 shaves
  4. Schick Injector e-2 type – 4 shaves
  5. Parker Shavette (with silver blue blades) – 6 shaves
  6. Gem 1912 – 13 shaves!

Today was my 13th shave with the same Gem coated stainless blade. I think this is due to taking less passes on most shaves.

Today’s shave

  • Soap Commander – Resolution
  • Semogue 730HD silvertip badger
  • Gem 1912
  • Gem coated stainless steel blade  (13)
  • Cold water rinse
  • Skin Bracer (age unknown, glass bottle)

This week, since Monday, I have jumped aboard the Soap Commander themed shave. Marty had mentioned the idea and several have jumped on board. Not sure of the reason but I think it is due to them releasing the new scents Commitment and Connection. I did not buy any as I am waiting on another scent to come out. No! I am not telling you what it is! Keep an eye out though as I am planning on buying it as soon as available.



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