Arko August ~ Head Shave ~ Shave of the Day

So last night I was looking at my hair/head. It had been nearly 3 1/2 weeks and I could clearly see that my balding hadn’t improved and there wasn’t much more gray hairs as before so I decided to shave. I was skeptical about using Arko to shave my head with. I really wanted to use Soap Commander or one of the other small artisan soaps I have, but I had to stay with my soap theme. I decided to use my Merkur 11c, an open comb, with a new Dorco ST300. Normally after so much time I would use the trimmers but last night I decided to just whip up the best lather I can and swirl it on and go with it. Surprisingly the long hairs held more lather on my face and it helped keep the lather moist instead of drying out. Using super short strokes and frequent rinsing of the blade, normally I would have had to reapply lather 4 or 6 times considering how slow I was going. The hair held so much thick moist lather that I only had to reapply lather to the back when I was 2/3’s done! After the shave I rinsed off with cold water and applied a good amount of Pinaud Clubman, which smelled awesome and had zero sting! This was with out a doubt one of the most satisfying head shaves ever!


Today being Sunday, we can automatically assume GFT Spanish Leather cologne is going to be used, but what was I to do about the tightness on my face that Arko leaves on me. I decided to add some Glycerin (not pictured) to the lather and in the end I applied a very small bit of Nivea Sensitive Post Shave balm to combat that problem. Though I’m not a big fan of it, I suppose it does has it place in my routine after all due to lack of scent. Ya’ll know how I don’t like anything conflicting with my aftershave!

I did only one pass with the Ever~Ready 1924 and achieved a DFS with no problems. This was shave number 3 with the Treet Super. Brush in both photos is a Parker best badger.



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