Cream Week ~ Day 3 ~ Shave of the Day ~ Head/Face

Day 3 of Cream Week and I really needed to mow down a lot of growth on my dome so I grabbed a cream I have used before for such an occasion, Yardley Gold. I like how soft my scalp feels after using the product. Lathered the same amount as the previous two into my dome for about 4 minutes as I approached this with no prep. Due to the longness of my hair I had to reapply lather 4 times because it was drying out from me taking so long. I took very short strokes with the Merkur23c to keep it from clogging and the blade was an already used Gillette Silver Blue. It performed like a champ and cut the hairs smoothly and cleanly. I approached the dome with a true ATG pattern for a great one pass shave. There is hardly any stubble to be felt and no nicks, bumps or anything. The application of aftershave after my shower did not sting at all up there.

I decided to shave my face with no prep also with what was left of the lather. All three passes had fairly thick lather and slick. I stuck to the injector that I had been using. The blade wasn’t as smooth as before. My last pass was a true ATG all over, which on the neck usually spells disaster. I had two spots that showed a speck of blood and the neck felt kind raw, but I am BBS

I took a hot shower and after coming out I pat dry my head and face and decided to use Speick aftershave. I love this aftershave. Loaded with good stuff that calms my face. As stated before he felt fine on my head but my face stung for a minute. I have to say that an hour plus after it is feeling and looking fairly good!’

Might as well use some Speick cologne while I’m at it! To my nose, the cologne is more peppery than the aftershave.


Both blades have been disposed of, which is a shame since I usually get 10 to 13 shaves out of an injector blade. I’m going out of town for a couple of days and will be using the Art of Shaving cream and the GFT cream in a hotel room. I hope they have good water!


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