Single Edge September Sotds – Sept. 14th ~ Sept. 20th

To be honest, I didn’t write down what I used each day so it kind of got jumbled in my head. So instead of trying to figure out which aftershave I used on which day, I figured I’d take a photo of everything that was used these past 7 days and just jot down some things.

Monday – Monday was an Art of Shaving Ocean kelp kind of day. I love the scent and the performance and this week I decided I was going to play with the Parker Shavette. The prep was hot shower with that Equate (Walmart) Apricot Scrub. I like how my skin looks after using that. Normally I have a slight shine on my upper cheekbone area right above my shave line and this seems to eliminate it. My shaves also seem to go more smoothly too. I’m not much of a pre-shave gel type guy but I decided to use AoS’s brand of pre-shave. Loaded a fresh half of a Gillette Silver Blue and proceeded to do one North to South pass. That is a with the grain on cheek and across the grain on neck. The hairs seemed to fall off and one pass gave a great looking shave. I should mention that this was two days growth I am mowing down here. I followed it up with either the Boosters or Aqua Velva. {Don’t know what shaving brush was used}

Tuesday – Tabac Tuesday so it’s obvious what I used. Same shower prep as before. This day I skipped the pre-shave gel and loaded another fresh Gillette in the shavette. While my end result was basically the same, the cutting action of the hairs was not the same. Maybe, just maybe, there is something to this pre-shave gel stuff. {Don’t know what shaving brush used}

Wednesday – Williams Wednesday (old spice mug on your left) and I am using a modern puck of it. I decided to jump back on the pre-shave gel bandwagon but use Corn Huskers instead. Same blade (shave number 2) was used and same shower prep. This was more like Monday’s shave. If it was two days growth I suspect it would feel exactly the same.  I looked at the ingredient listing for the Art of Shaving pre-shave gel and Corn Huskers and found that the make up is different but it look and feel the same basically. This was followed up with Aqua Velva Ice Sport. I like the scent of this but if they are going to use “ICE” in the name of it, I would have hoped they would have used more menthol. I can barely notice it. Shaving brush was Vie-Long 13070.

Thursday – Shave number 3 of the same blade. I added the Noxzema Ultimate Clear to my face washing routine after the Apricot Scrub. It may seem like a waste, but I feel like my skin feels better afterwards. I’ve gone to what is left of my Tiki Bar Soap – Set Sail vegan formula (Old Spice mug to your right). Shaving brush was Vie-Long 13070. Same shower prep as Wednesday. Corn Huskers used for pre-shave gel. The blade seemed a little less smooth but the end result was the same. It did require a little touch up though. Aftershave is either Booster’s or Aqua Velva.

Friday – Tiki once again and now I can see the bottom of the mug. Shave number 4 on the same blade. Same shower prep. Not sure which pre-shave gel was used. I think my aftershave was Booster’s. Vie-Long 13070 used. Touch ups were needed.

Saturday – Shave number 5 and final shave for the blade. After touch ups it seemed fine but the north to south pass had really lost some of it’s sharpness. I used the Art of Shaving pre-shave and the TIki for soap. The brush was my Vie-Long 14830. The lather was lacking with this brush. Aqua Velva was the aftershave of choice I do believe. Also my scalp has been recovering from some sunburn lately and was beginning to flake. Starting Thursday I was using Soap Commander Aftershave balm on my head just to combat that. Worked great!

Sunday (today) – Switching back to the Gem 1912 with Gem coated stainless blade. This was it’s third shave according to my blog posts. Same shower prep and used Corn Huskers for pre-shave. I love this razor and was so happy to see that the blade was still sharp after siting for a week. No aftershave was used, but I did splash a little GFT Spanish Leather cologne.  Brush today was the Van Der Hagen boar (middle).



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