Single Edge September ~ SoTDs ~ Sept 6th ~ Sept 11th

Not a full week of shaving as I had planned as things came up. Someone reported the condition of my yard to Code Enforcement and I was paid a visit. The officer took one look at me (disabled), seeing part of my front already done and taking in account of the very rainy weather past 2 weeks and was quick to understand the situation. I was issued nothing and was told to do the best I could as soon as I can. I promised I would get it done by Sunday night. I actually finished Saturday but 10 hours of pushing a mower with these bad legs left me worn out and in some pain Saturday and Sunday. Yes. I went to church looking scruffy and smelling so ordinary.

Today’s shave with a shavette with all this scruff was awesome, but that’s for my post this coming Saturday or Sunday.

Sunday, Sept. 6th, 2015

Geo. F. Trumper’s shave cream is awesome. Add that with a nice Semogue silvertip badger brush and some hot water and you have a match made in Heaven.

  • Hot shower
  • Geo. F. Trumpers Lime shave cream
  • Semogue 730 Silvertip badger
  • Gem Micromatic open comb
  • Treet Super
  • Cold water/ alum
  • Geo. F. Trumpers Spanish Leather cologne


Monday, Sept. 7th, 2015

Some people may poopoo the idea of using Art of Shaving products because they are owned by Proctor and Gamble which make those mutli-blade catridges that we avoid, but the shave cream really is top notch stuff. I had taken a hot shower and used an apricot scrub on my face, toweled off and wet face again and applied the AoS pre-shave gel. I do not know if the gel does anything. It feels/looks just like Corn Huskers lotion to me. What I do know is the new Gem coated blade in my Gem 1912 mowed the stubble down easily after all the prep work.

  • Hot shower/ apricot scrub
  • Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Gel – Ocean Kelp
  • Art of Shaving Shave Cream – Ocean Kelp
  • Semogue 730 Silvertip badger
  • Gem 1912
  • Gem coated stainless steel (1)
  • Cold water/ alum
  • Art of Shaving After-shave Lotion – Ocean Kelp


Tuesday, Sept 8th, 2015

Tabac Tuesday!  Same set up as yesterday basically. Excellent results (I have not been trying to get BBS, just close comfortable shaves)

  • Hot Shower/ Apricot scrub
  • Tabac shave soap
  • Semogue 730 Silvertip badger
  • Gem 1912
  • Gem coated stainless steel (2)
  • Cold water/ alum
  • Tabac aftershave


Wednesday, Sept. 9th, 2015

Williams Wednesday! Despite the soaking of the puck, the air in my house must be fairly dry as it was a battle to keep it moist on my face. The Schick E-2 is mild to me and I tend to overdo it but I think I did alright this time. I’m not sure of the age of the Aqua Velva but Beecham (later GlaxoSmithKline) had acquired Aqua Velva in 1982 and my Father in law, whom I got this from, tends to hold on to stuff so I’m going to guess this is from the 70’s. I could be wrong.

  • Hot Shower/ Apricot Scrub
  • Williams Mug Soap (modern)
  • Schick type E-2 Injector
  • Schick blade (1)
  • Omega Sintex
  • Cold water / alum
  • Aqua Velva Ice Blue


Thursday, Sept 10th, 2015

Ya know, I always though that Barbasol Pacific Rush was an Aqua Velva Ice Blue knock off, but now I just don’t know. Compared to the bottle of Aqua Velva from yesterday it is apples and oranges. The lather from my old puck of Tiki Set Sail (vegan) lathered like a champ and I got a really nice shave.

  • Hot Shower / Apricot scrub
  • Tiki Bar Soap – Set Sail – Vegan
  • Parker best badger
  • Schick type E-2 Injector
  • Schick blade (2)
  • Cold water/ alum
  • Barbasol- Pacific Rush


Friday, Sept, 11th 2015

Decided to break out some Shaving Yeti. Got a great lather after letting some water sit on top and as always the vintage Century #4 boar holds a lot of water and lather. Today I went with Barbasol Brisk, which to my nose Dose smell like Skin Bracer pretty much.

  • Hot Shower/ Apricot scrub
  • Shaving Yeti – Shore Leave
  • Century #4 boar
  • Schick E-2 type Injector
  • Schick blade (3)
  • Cold water / alum
  • Barbasol – Brisk



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