Week 1 – Single Edge September – Shave of the Day(s)

Normally I get great shaves from my stash of Treet Supers, but the past 5 days have been a rollercoaster. This is partially due to my prep, which now a days is nearly non-existent. You see, with a DE blade I can simply lather up and shave and get very nice results. This week with the Personna-made blades ( both Treet Super and Gem is made by Personna ) the only easy going shave was today (Saturday) where I showered first. My beard hairs are very thick and hard to cut and I think the sharpness of the Single Edge blades are not near the sharpness of a Gillette Silver Blue. Another problem I ran into was some of my Treet Supers, fresh out of the cardboard wrapper, would not even cut the cardboard. I tested the one I used for my first two days and it was dull (this explains why it didn’t appear to cut anything). I took the other 4 out and tested those. Simply running the edge over the thin cardboard that wraps around the blade and I found another completely dull, a third was sharp on the edges and the last two cut very well. This has happened before and I wonder if they are too relaxed on quality control. I did buy these off of eBay so I wonder if these were rejects too. The good news is some are just as sharp and smooth as the coated stainless Gem’s I got from Connaught Shaving. So this week resulted in me going back and forth with these. Tuesday and Wednesday where Treet Super’s, Thursday and Friday was Gem coated stainless, but then I started to do my head Friday and it was leaving strips of hair. I thought it was the razor so I switch to the OCMM and got worse. I finally switched to the Gem 1912 and it did not improve. So I took it out and put a Treet back in and it cut just fine. Today I took a shower first and loaded a fresh Treet in the OCMM and did 3 passes and got the best shave so far! It looks like for this week I will have to shave after showering I suppose.

September 1, 2015

  • Tiki Bar Soap – Iced Mint (tallow)
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Gem Featherweight
  • Treet Super (1)
  • Warm shower
  • Family Dollar Classic Splash (Brut) aftershave

Love the Tiki!


September 2, 2015 – Williams Wednesday!

  • Williams Mug Soap (modern)
  • Vie-Long 13070 horse (appears to be more mane than tail and is a good soft brush)
  • Gem Featherweight
  • Treet Super (2) tossed
  • Warm shower
  • Aqua Velva aftershave (not sure of age of bottle)

The modern Williams is different from the vintage and what I learned from others in the Facebook forums is you have to soak the puck. I add enough water to cover the top and let it soak for a few minutes, dump most of the water out and then load like there is no tomorrow. The results are very good!


September 3, 2015

  • Soap Commander – Respect
  • Vie Long 16727 – silvertip badger
  • Gem G-bar
  • Gem coated stainless (1)
  • Warm shower
  • Brut Attitude aftershave

I am so in love with this brush and soap. Thank you John Crissman for the brush!  The Respect scent from Soap Commander is one of my favorite soaps in my den. I have four from their line but this remains my favorite. It’s fragrant, slick and feels good. I also like the weight of this razor, given to me by another one of my shaving buddies.


September 4, 2015

  • Maggard Razors – Limes & Bergamot
  • Parker best badger
  • Gem G-bar
  • Gem coated stainless (2)
  • warm shower
  • Aqua Velva – Frost Lime (vintage)

Here’s another Lime scented soap I like. It lathers very well and tallow based.


September 4, 2015 Head Shave

  • Maggard Razors – Limes & Bergamot
  • Parker best badger
  • Gem G-bar
  • Gem Micromatic – open-comb (OCMM)
  • Gem 1912
  • Gem coated stainless (3 and tossed)
  • Treet Super (1)
  • warm shower

So this is the shave that was never meant to happen. I did not intend to shave my head because I have a cut on it. But after two passes with the G-bar and Gem blade I realized what I was doing and stopped and stared at myself in the mirror. I figured that I couldn’t go in public looking like that and proceeded. As I began a third pass I noticed the line of hair not being cut. After 4 more passes I figured it must be the razor and changed to the Micromatic. This didn’t work and I switched to the Gem 1912 and still it was happening. At this point I changed the blade to a new Treet Super and it did just fine.


September 5, 2015

  • Warm shower
  • Omega
  • Semogue SOC
  • Gem Micromatic (open comb)
  • Treet Super (1)
  • cold rinse with alum
  • Family Dollar Classic Splash (Brut) aftershave

The aftershave was a good match for the soap. Everything was better about this shave.



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