Shave of the Day(s) ~ Reef Point Soap

My last three shaves have been exactly the same. Reef point Soap Sublime (tallow) is wonderful. Lathers very easily for me and is slick and the menthol is a nice added bonus. Yesterday I shaved my head too.

Apricot Scrub
Reef Point Soap – Sublime
Semogue 740
Merkur 23c
Gillette 7 o’clock Super Platinum (2,3 and 4th shave)
Skin Bracer

The blade continues to feel pretty sharp and smooth. The second shave did not go as well as the J.M. Fraser shave and I can’t really place any blame on anything except that I noticed myself scratching my neck the night before the second shave. Apparently, despite the perfect shave on the 24th, the hairs started to become ingrown and raised the skin in those areas and the second shave shaved off those bumps. I really wish my hairs on my neck didn’t grow so flat. The good news is it doesn’t last long like it did with the cartridge days! The third shave with the blade was head and face. I did not have enough lather for my head and I ended up with just a couple of bumps after two passes. Normally I just do one. I don’t know what I was thinking! Today I loaded my brush a little longer and had plenty of perfect lather for a 2 pass shave on my face and it looks a lot better than the other day.

No photo today. I just haven’t been feeling like it.


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