SoTD (s) ~ End of Arko August

Saturday , August 22nd

Third use of the Derby Extra blade. Felt a bit rough and not as sharp but it did a fine job. My in-laws came up to see us and my father- in- law brought me a full bottle (glass) of Skin Bracer that he had lying around. He also threw in a few bottles of mouthwash and roll on anti-perspirant that he got from his stay in the hospital. I threw these items away when they left. They really have a hard time throwing things away. Anyway, I used the Skin Bracer for aftershave.

  • Arko
  • Elite badger brush
  • Merkur 23c
  • Derby Extra (3)
  • Skin Bracer

Sunday, August 23rd

Well. I was starting to think it might make it to the end of August but as I was loading my brush, what little remained came unstuck from the  bowl and landed in the sink when I went to lather my face. I barely had enough lather for my second pass, which was with the Derby Extra blade for it’s 4th use. The blade was very dull and all smoothness was gone. I did two Across the Grain passes and left it at that. The results were good but each pass felt horrible. The Arko is now gone and thus Arko August has officially come to a close for me.

Arko is a wonderful soap that gets the job done. I don’t really get peoples disdain for the scent of the soap as to my nose it smells like…. well… soap, with maybe a little hint of lemon. I do not dislike the scent, but it isn’t one that you would catch me sniffing around midnight before going to bed (I am assuming you sniff your soaps too and I’m not just being weird!). The performance is good. It does the job on my head and face just fine. Price is also very nice as this is one of the cheaper soaps out there.  I’m not a big fan of using it in stick form and that is why it was grated and put in a bowl. Would I buy it again? No. I like my soap to have a strong scent that I simply can’t walk away from without sniffing. Arko doesn’t really call out ot me. Also it leaves my face feeling a bit dry and taut.

  • Arko (finished)
  • Semogue SOC
  • Merkur 23c
  • Derby Extra (4) tossed after shave
  • Hot shower
  • GFT Spanish Leather Cologne.

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