10 More Days of Arko ~ SoTD ~ Arko August

There isn’t much Arko left thanks to my habit of soaking the puck before lathering up. I normally avoid this as I’m cheap and I want my soaps to last a long time, but I’m tiring of the soap. Nothing wrong with it, but I have so many other soaps that make me think “WOW”.

First thing I did this morning was spend an hour and a half pushing a lawnmower around in the front yard (only). It is fairly large and my bad legs prevent me from moving fast. Just as well as the grass was wet. Came in all hot and sweaty, drank approximately 1/2 gallon of ice water while sitting in front of a fan and then spent about 20 minutes in the shower. The long time may have played a part in todays shave. I lathered on the face for about 3 minutes and then did one Across the Grain pass slowly and that was it. DFS from one pass, with a day old Derby Extra blade. Fantastic!

Finished off with alum and cold water and then a nice splash of some vintage Old Spice

  • Shower
  • Arko
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Merkur 23c
  • Derby Extra (2)
  • Alum/ Cold water
  • Old Spice aftershave (vintage)



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