SoTD ~ Arko August ~ Butt load of menthol!

So waking up this morning we discover that the A/C has gone out and the house was currently 78 degrees. For those that don’t know me, I received 3rd degree full (mostly) and partial thickness burns to 55% of my body 22 years ago. Of course all this was grafted and I’m doing okay today, but that 55% of my body does not sweat and sweating is a major way of cooling your body. So what happens to me? I began to sweat when the temperature nears 75 degrees. If there is no breeze and it rises a bit more I start to feel just awful, to the point of wanting to throw up. This is with prolong exposure though. So anyway, the air is out and the humidity is 93% and the outside temp for the day is to reach 88 degrees. The repair man will be here around 4pm to take a look and fix. I really wanted to go with Tiki Iced Mint today but I am dedicated to using Arko for the rest of the month. Solution? Apply Corn Huskers lotion with added menthol crystals as a preshave….. twice. Brush soaked in cold water and Arko soaked in cold water. Shaved with a new Derby Extra blade with the lights off (all lights are turned off to avoid adding extra heat to the house) and did 2 passes for BBS on cheek and nearly there on neck. A derby works pretty well in my Mekur 23c. After the shave I jumped into a cool shower and upong exiting and drying I doused myself in Jeris Osage Rub from head to foot.  Two things I noticed right away here.

  1. I can’t feel any of it on my grafted skin.
  2. Letting it get on your genitalia is not a pleasant experience!

Just a side note, as I type this, my upper butt still feels very cool (the lower was burned away).

My left foot and right knee were 4th degree burns. I lost my left foot and nearly lost my entire right leg. They managed to save it, but the knee isn’t a knee anymore and I tend to fall quite a bit because of it. To learn more about burns (and according to the chart I am around 60% burned) you can go to this website.

I sure wish the Osage Rub lasted longer. My finger tips are still tingling and my upper butt, but the rest of me is getting very warm. I better wrap this up so I can turn off my computer and park myself in front of a fan.

  • Corn Huskers lotion with added menthol crystals (pre-shave, added twice)
  • Arko (soaked in cold water)
  • Semogue 830 boar (soaked in cold water)
  • Merkur 23c
  • Derby Extra (1)
  • Cold Shower
  • Jeris Osage Rub applied to entire body.



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