Shave of the Day(s) ~ Arko August

Washing the face really good and skipping any balm and aftershave two days did wonders in 24 hours and I didn’t need to skip a day. Thought I’d just take one photo of what I have used the past 2 mornings. Yesterday the shave was with the Century #4, Omega Sintex today and the Glycerin was used only today. The razor and aftershave used on both shaves.

Opened a new Treet Super carbon steel blade and broke out the Ever~Ready 1924. It is a beautiful razor that I found at a garage sale and grabbed, along with it’s case for 8 dollars I think. I sure wish I had brought more money as I saw some other razors I wanted. The outside of the case is in good condition but the inside is fair considering it’s age. Missing was the blade box. The razor itself has no plate loss, but there is a scratch on it’s top where it has hit the handle multiple times (the top pops open and can fall all the way back and down hitting the handle). I did only 2 passes yesterday and it was a decent job in the ‘looks’ department but was still rough to the feel. Not much sting from the aftershave.

Today I used the same blade as the second shave on these Treets always seem the best. The Arko tends to leave my face kind of tight feeling so today I added some glycerin to the soap and lathered. Either too much of that or too much water as my lather was bubbly, but boy did I have a lot of lather. Swirling on my face with the old synthetic brush had lather flying off my face and landing on the countertop, sink, floor. The second and third passes I simply stuck my fingers in the mug and applied to the face with my hands for more control. Three passes, with the lightest of touch and I got BBS on cheeks and nearly there on the neck. No nicks, no razor burn and the aftershave had almost zero sting to it. Fantastic shave!



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