SoTD ~ Arko August ~ Weight

Went through my supplies last night in prep for today and found out that the Arko in my mug is all that I have. I must have given the rest away. Another thing I found out is that this bottle of Aqua Velva Musk is nearly gone and the second bottle of it that I bought has disappeared. The Arko, despite it’s performance, will not be renewed once gone. I have noticed lately that when I get to the third pass that it feels like….. like it is burning my skin. It’s cheap and performs, but this bothers me. The AV Musk on the other hand will be renewed once gone. I love this scent and a favorite of mine during the cooler months!

Saw Timothy G. break out his Schick Krona for a shave so I figured I’d follow suit and use the one I got from Richard A. It’s a pretty good shaver!

  • Arko
  • Ever-Ready 200T (all original)
  • Schick Krona
  • Dorco ST300 platinum (1)
  • Warm shower
  • Aqua Velva Musk

I noticed on that it was pulling all my blog post to the General Discussion area. This included my weight loss entries. I figured I’d consolidate and just add it into my shave post to unclutter their feed. We will see how it goes. If there is anything weight related I’ll put it in the title heading like todays. Speaking of which, I am continuing to work out a little and as of this morning I am down to 240 from 248lbs. For certain reasons I did eat out with family and over do it a couple of days but I’ve been real good otherwise and haven’t spent any fast food money on just me except for a small coffee from McDonalds this morning sweetened with Splenda to wake me up as I drove my son to his school (private school).

I’ve been thinking of changing the title of my blog. I have no idea what to though. Lately I have been mostly blogging shaving but there are other things I do talk about. Any ideas out there?



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