Shave of the Day ~ Arko August

I love the Edwin Jagger DE87 handle, but the head is from another razor made in India and it just doesn’t agree with my face. Perhaps it is time to let it go or trade…. I took a photo but for some reason it turned out very blurry so I will not bother posting. The handle is the ED DE87 Imitation Ivory handle. The head could be a Parker.

Despite my feelings for this razor head, I nearly achieved BBS with just two passes.

It is Sunday so you all should know what that means. GFT Spanish Leather cologne and when I wear this cologne I forgo the aftershave and will rely on a balm if need be. With Arko it IS a need be situation! I did some re-organization last night with my stuff and came across my old bottle of Nivea Post Shave balm (sensitive skin). I remembered this and gave it a go. It is not my favorite of balms but it is pretty much scentless and that was good for my cologne!

  • Arko
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Edwin Jagger imitation ivory handle with a Parker head
  • Gillette 7 O’clock Platinum (black)
  • Hot shower
  • Nivea SensitiveĀ post shave balm
  • GFT Spanish Leather cologne

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