Not a bad week so far

I started off strong Monday and kept it up till last night. I had done kabobs on the grill, something I hadn’t done before, and I left the grill for a moment and when I came back, half of it was burnt. My favorite part was the chicken and mushrooms and my wife and son really only liked the chicken. Long story short, we were still super hungry so we went out to Burger King and I did NOT behave myself. Today we had to be out and about for lunch so we had Mexican, again I was not good. Tonight is looking promising though as I have it planed and the rest of the week should be good.

I’ve been doing some strength training in the late evenings with a resistant band I found lying around.

All week I’ve been able to get up and go and not fall asleep. Today after only 2 hours I wanted to nap and I even had more sleep. I even dozed off while typing my other blog post today. I can only guess that the better diet of food gave me more energy or something.

I’m still going to beat this thing. I could already notice my pants feeling different and I had to add an extra sock to my stump so I could walk comfortably.


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