Shave of the Day(s) ~ Arko August ~ Mail Call

Did three or four passes yesterday with a new blade and the Merkur 11c and it went okay. I had washed my face before the shave and then loaded and lathered with this little Vie-Long 13070. The loft and handle is so short that I was hitting my knuckles on the inside of the mug. I think my lather might have been to thick. Really enjoyed the Avon Trazarra aftershave. Seems to be a pine or fir scent to me. A nice gift from Richard A.

  • Arko
  • Vie-Long 13070
  • Merkur 11c
  • Gillette Wilkinson Sword (1)
  • hot shower
  • Avon Trazza aftershave


Mail call from Richard A. yesterday. The mug is from Williams (1976), Just noticed the Old Spice is the Fresh Scent. Completely different from the classic. Kind of powdery, it should go with many of my soaps! I’m a fan of J. M. Frasers but never had anything but the original as the other scents were discontinued. What we have here is the Polar Ice and the Booster’s Polar Ice. I like the aftershave, which has menthol, but the scent doesn’t last long. The shave cream is… well… different. There is a faint note of the scent I get from the aftershave, but the rest is a soapy medicine scent. Don’t know if it is due to age or that is just how it is. I’m looking forward to using it next month, if I don’t do a Speick themed month. Thank you Richard for the gifts!


Gosh I love this brush. Vintage Century #4 boar with original knot. It continues to split and makes a massive amount of lather. What you see here is 20 seconds of swirling. The only other boar that performs like this would be my Semogue SOC! I could not resist using the Boosters! It went on with no sting and after a few hours I can barely smell it. The glide of the razor felt much better today than yesterday, but I decided on one pass only.

  • Arko
  • Century #4 boar
  • Merkur 11c
  • Gillette Wilkinson Sword (2)
  • Warm shower
  • Boosters Polar Ice


So over the past couple of weeks I went from hitting the top of my head on a desk and then a couple days later my leg gave out and I fell backwards and hit my head again on some kitchen cabinetry that left me with two very large scabs on my head. Last night the scabs fell off but there is still some sensitivity there so I have to wait even longer to shave my noggin. I got to noticing what seems to be more grey hairs than before I started shaving my head and I got to thinking that perhaps I’ll let my hair grow out to take a look. I don’t mind going grey or salt and pepper looking, which is what it looks like at the current length. I also wonder how much more bald I am on top, so I’m going to let it grow out for awhile to see and then I’ll do an epic hair removal up top.

I’m also working on my weight, but that will be a separate post.


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