Jumbled July ~ Shave of the day/night ~ Van Der Hagen Deluxe, J. M. Fraser’s and Shea Moisture Shave Butter Creme

Not doing a photo today. I bet I get 2/3 less viewership because of it but that is okay as this isn’t a source of revenue for me. Just me putting my personal life out there. All three products were used in less than a 12 hour time. It was after midnight and I was looking at what I have left for this themed month and decided I needed to shave right then before bed. I grabbed the VDH and the restored Ever-Ready500PBT and, after washing my face, lathered lightly and loaded a Shark blade into my Parker shavette. I have not been impressed with these Shark blades and did one top to bottom pass (that’s with the grain on cheek and across the grain on neck) and then a second pass on face at a slightly different angle. There was no blood-letting and the face actually looked really good! I rinsed off and used some Masters Bay Rum and went to bed.

This morning at 7am there wasn’t much stubble but decided to go at it anyway. I threw away the Shark and broke a Gillette Silver Blue in half and loaded it. I lathered up quickly some J.M. Fraser’s and did the same two passes as I had previously done. One thing is fairly clear, the Gillette is much smoother and sharper…. and 7am is too early to shave with a shavette because I cut myself at above the jawline and poked myself on the other cheek and bled some. Other than that and some styptic it was a pretty good shave. I took my shower and got to feeling my neck.

Which leads me to Shea Moisture. I figured after my shower I could put some on my neck and try to touch it up with the same razor. The Shea Moisture is a non lathering crème. You wet the face and then take a dab and smear it around. To the touch it feels slick as snot on my face but I felt it didn’t work well with the shavette. No blood was to be seen and there was some hairless taking place as it did feel smoother than before the shower.

As I have said before, this shavette thing is going to take some practice and loads of patience. Trying to train my left hand to do as well as my right is quite the challenge, especially since my left hand was damaged in the fire.

I really like the VDH and Fraser soaps, but the Shea Moisture is at the bottom of my list. My face does feel soft after use but my shaves aren’t always that great and the stuff can gunk up the razor blade gap. I don’t care for the scent at all but it was my Father’s day gift (or was it Christmas?) from my little boy so I will use it some more and then empty the container to use with another soap. It’s a great container.

  • Van Der Hagen Deluxe (night)
  • J. M. Frasers (pre-shower)
  • Shea Moisture Shave Butter Crème (post shower)
  • Ever~Ready 500PBT with TGN silvertip knot (night)
  • Semogue 830 boar (pre-shower)
  • my fingers for Shea (post shower)
  • Parker Shavette (all shaves)
  • Shark (night)
  • Gillette Silver Blue (morning)
  • Masters Bay Rum (night)
  • Avon Excalibur aftershave (vintage, post-shower)

I should really bring out the Avon more often, especially this scent.

Three more days of Jumbled July. Three or four more soaps to go.


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