Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Old Spice

Some new and old Old Spice today. The cream is of course new product. To my nose it doesn’t exactly match the old vintage after and cologne you see here. I picked up the vintage Old Spice at an antique store in Quitman awhile back for about 8 dollars for the two and they are mostly full. The brush was NOS when I found that at an antique store in Perry. It had Montclair stamped on the front and Made in Switzerland. The hairs would break in half or fall out at the slightest touch and I brought it home and soaked it in hair conditioner for 24 hours, rinsed, hair shampoo for 12 hours, rinsed and then soaked in conditioner again for 48 hours. Rinsed, let dry and I think I did it all over again and haven’t lost a hair since. I was new to traditional wet shaving and didn’t know that boar hairs split over time so that when I started using it I found it to poke right through my skin and cause bleeding so I trimmed the top as you can see. I deeply regret doing that and know better know. The good news is the hairs don’t penetrate my skin, but boy is it scratchy! I really love this brush for it’s color pattern and shape. It is one of the most comfortable brush handles I have. Another good plus is the paint has not cracked or flaked off. Every one that I have seen, with the exception of one, had problems with the paint, most had hardly any paint on. This is the only painted handle brush that has not cracked or chipped on me so far. I should never had trimmed this.. I see evidence that the hairs on the outside are starting to split. Perhaps I can pull the knot out and put a new one in but I am so nervous about hurting the paint job.


As I was saying, the cream is not like the aftershave to my nose. The performance is good and I did three passes with some j-hooking on the neck for a nearly BBS shave. If you don’t know what j-hooking is, you can watch Matic59 explain it too you. Fast forward to about 5:30 on the video.

  • Corn Huskers lotion (as a pre-shave and a little pick me up as I have menthol crystals dissolved in it)
  • Old Spice shave cream
  • Montclair boar (vintage)
  • Merkur 11c
  • Gillette Silver Blue (2 and tossed)
  • hot shower
  • Old Spice aftershave (vintage)
  • Old Spice cologne (vintage)



2 thoughts on “Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Old Spice

  1. I’m interested how you melted the menthol crystals into the corn huskers lotion. I make some mentholated glycerin recently but adding it and warning in the microwave but am interested in hearing if there is an easier way.


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