Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Straight Razor Designs and Klar Kabinett

July 24th

  • Straight Razor Designs – Frankincense
  • Ever-Ready 500PBT with TGN 18mm Silvertip
  • Merkur 23c
  • Feather (7)
  • hot shower
  • Aubrey’s Men Stock North Woods

I adore the scent of this soap. It’s your normal melt and pour glycerine soap but lathers very well and nice and stable on the face. The scent is not weak and that is a plus for me. The closest thing I have that matches wit the Aubrey’s and that is just fine for me as the aftershave is wonderful on the face, though the scent fades very fast. Seventh shave with the Feather and it still felt pretty good with no problems. Lost a couple hairs in my brush, just two. These kind of things do happen.


July 25th

  • Klar Kabinett (rose scented brick – discontinued)
  • Century #4 boar (original knot)
  • Merkur 23c
  • Feather (8th)
  • Styptic
  • hot shower
  • Witch Hazel

From the line up it is clear that I had problems.  Was it the soap? No way! I still think that was one of the best soaps made. Was it the brush? No way! Loads of lather and the split hairs are getting softer everytime. Was it the razor? No way! The Merkur 23c is a great razor. Was it the Feather blade that you should have thrown away after the 5th shave but kept on going because I’m a doofus? Yup. I felt it bite on the second pass and it was harsh and I kept on going. On one spot it looks like I took a rake with sharp tines across my face. Styptic to the rescue! After my shower I thought about some TBS Maca Root Razor Relief, but it wasn’t razor burn, but lots of little scratches and cuts. I decided I would stick to just some generic witch hazel and here at the end of the day I am glad I made that choice. Happy to say that the blade has been disposed of!



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