Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Synery/HTGAM (now PAA) Cavendish

Cavendish, a scent that takes me back to when I was just 4 years old living on Horsepen Road in Virginia where the man next door smoked a pipe. It was an older couple, probably already had a mess of grandchildren of their own, but always had some time for me. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t recall their last name now. I wonder when I had forgotten that… Hmmm. I remember thinking of them and saying their name last year. Weird how things get lost in my brain. Anyway. That’s where I am transported when I smell pipe tobacco. The Freemans! Mr. and Mrs. Freeman. That was their name! Whew. I remember visiting family in Richmond a few years before I was to enlist in the Navy and we drove by and decided to see if they still lived there. Sadly, Mr. Freeman had passed away a few years earlier but Mrs. Freeman was still there. We went inside and the first thing that I smelled was pipe tobacco and there was his desk and his pipe just sitting there as if he was to return. The smell makes me feel relaxed and safe. When I was in the Navy I actually smoked a pipe but I have quit tobacco since then, though I do have two pipes, untouched, somewhere in the house. I figured that when I grow old and am laying on my death bed, I’ll have someone go get me some tobacco and I’ll have a good smoke before I go.

So this wide tin of soap was from before Synergy had become PAA. I am unaware if his current production is the same type soap but I bet it still smells the same. After my shave I was wondering why I haven’t bother getting the matching aftershave. I should do that sometime soon I suppose.

Using the awesome Semogue SOC I took my time whipping up a wonderful lather and, because of the scent, spent a long time just standing there in my underwear lathering my face. I just wanted to keep lathering and not shave all that good smell stuff off. Eventually I did make a WTG pass….. and then got to lather all over again! After 3 passes and a touch up I was done and smooth. Took my shower and added some English Leather aftershave and cologne to begin my day. What an awesome smelling shave! We are nearing the end of the day and I can still smell the English Leather, faint as it is though.

  • Synergy/HTGAM Cavendish
  • Semogue SOC boar
  • Merkur 23c
  • Feather
  • Hot shower
  • English Leather aftershave
  • English Leather cologne

Photo take by phone. sorry.



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