Jumbled July ~ SoTD ~ Tiki, Speick and Tabac

I got so caught up yesterday with the family that I never found a good time to post. Monday I went with Tiki Bar Soap – Redwood (Tallow) and was expecting to put it in the PIF pile but after using I just couldn’t bring myself to it. It is such a nice slick cushiony soap with a scent that I adore. The reason it was up for consideration is after the first pass the soap seems to react with my skin. It wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being and there is no lasting ill effects so I have decided to keep it. I got a pretty good shave using a used Dorco ST300 blade that I had last used on July 11th. It had a slight catch on the modified ATG so it was tossed after the shave was done. I then found that I had an unopened bottle of Kiss My Face Anti-Stress shower gel and decided to use that in the shower. The scent of fir and ginseng smelled great and the soap cleans very nicely. After I got out I was going to use an aftershave that more closely smelled like Redwood, but I could still smell that shower gel so I used the Aubrey’s Men Stock North Woods which has an scent similar to it and it paired very nicely!

  • Tiki Bar Soap – Redwood – Tallow formula
  • Semogue 730HD
  • Merkur 23c
  • Dorco ST 300
  • hot shower
  • Aubrey’s Men Stock North Woods


Today’s shave was a face and head shave. If I had spaced them out I would have used two different after shaves too, but I didn’t. I started off with the Tabac because it is Tabac Tuesday and I haven’t used it in awhile. Loaded in the Merkur23c is a used Feather blade that was sitting out. Oh, I did have some music in the background for today which will be listed at the end of the post.

Tabac is a mass produced soap from Germany that I plan to always keep in my shave den if possible. It is a floral powdery scent which I bet women would find pleasing to use to and in someway it reminds me of my maternal grandmother but I find the aroma pleasing as well and the soap performs very well. I especially like the aftershave. The bottle has an excellent flow restrictor in place and the scents matches the soap perfectly and feels very soothing

  • Tabac
  • Semogue 730HD
  • Merkur 23c
  • Feather
  • hot shower
  • Tabac aftershave


So I am looking at all the soap I still have to go through and decide now is a good time to do a head shave also. I decided on Speick because it is also produced in Germany and I thought I’d compare the two. Are they similar? Nope. I find Tabac easier to lather and Speick can be gunky on the razor if not enough water is used. The scents are completely different too. The Speick soap is cheaper though. The Aftershaves are completely different also. If I was told that I had to pick only one soap between the two I would most likely pick Tabac, but if given the same choice on the after shave I don’t think I could make that decision.

Anyway. Lathered up good and put it all over my head and proceeded to shave from front to back. I would wet my hand from time to time to keep it slick as it would start to dry and gunk up my razor.

Jumbled July is almost over and I have narrowed my remaining selection down to 12 soaps. The other soaps were of brands that have already been used such as Soap Commander, Tiki, Stirling, Reef Point Soaps etc…

  • Speick
  • Semogue 730HD
  • Merkur 23c
  • Feather
  • Hot shower
  • Tabac aftershave


Had Pandora going this morning. Here is what I listened to:


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