Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ Tiki Bar Soap ~ Set Sail ~ Vegan

So we are more than half way over with Jumbled July and I have 26 more soaps to go through. To cut down on this I’m going to do one Soap Commander and one Stirling Soap as each of their soaps is made the same way. The question comes down to which soap do I choose….. Hmm. Maybe I should skip all of them as I just went back through my posts and found I have used Stirling twice and Soap Commander once already. Yes! That is what I will do…. Maybe….

Today I am using Set Sail by Tiki Bar Soaps (Vegan formula) which I had mashed into an Old Spice mug. I have two other Tiki soaps which are the tallow formula and I must say I like the Tallow better. Of course this puck I am using is also top notch. I did 3 passes, two set to ‘5’ and the last ATG set to ‘3’ with some touch ups after. No nicks or anything but I feels some spots that I should have gone over again.

I totally overslept this morning, so instead of using my usual Sunday fragrance, I opted for some Skin Bracer which felt great since I next climbed into the attic to change the filter up there. The coolness on my face made it more bearable. Love Skin Bracer!

  • Tiki – Set Sail
  • Semogue 730HD silvertip
  • Schick M-type adjustable injector
  • Schick blade
  • hot shower
  • Skin Bracer



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