Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ The Shaving Yeti ~ Yeti Snot

Hello there and welcome to another day of Jumbled July. After mastering the lather yesterday, I decided to try another Shaving Yeti soap. Yeti Snot. This is the most mentholated soap in my den. How cold is it? Well, after shaving and a warm shower I splashed on some Osage Rub and it (the Rub) didn’t feel cool to my skin at all. Here’s a shot of my lather. Pretty good, eh? Because of it’s effects on the skin I wasn’t able to tell if I was smooth or not. Instead of a ‘3’ on the razor I went to 1 for the ATG pass. Perhaps that was too mild because it left patches of hair, but visually it looked perfect. No redness or cuts or anything to follow. Took my warm shower and then some Osage Rub and since the scents fades fast to my nose I threw on some Old Spice (vintage)

I like Mentholated soaps, but I think the Yeti Snot is too cold for me. I’m going to nuke the remaining soap and put it in a Ziploc bag to cool and it will go into the PIF pile. If lathered properly, it has all the slickness and cushion that is needed, but it’s too cold for my tastes.

The Dr. Yeti’s Magic Elixir might also end up in the PIF pile as the scent doesn’t really grab me.

  • The Shaving Yeti – Yeti Snot
  • Semogue 730HD Silvertip
  • Schick Type M Adjustable Injector
  • Schick blade
  • Warm shower
  • Osage Rub
  • Old Spice (vintage)



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