Jumbled July ~ Shave of the Day ~ The Shaving Yeti ~ Dr. Yeti’s Magic Elixir

Before I get started with today’s post I wanted to declare that I will not be using a few soaps as they are unopened and I’m not prepared to find containers for them. They are:

  1. Provence Santé
  2. Institut Karite
  3. King R. Emporium (stick)
  4. Stirling Soap Hot Apple Cider
  5. Van der Hagen Luxury
  6. Williams Mug Soap (vintage, going to use up the modern first)

There. Done.

Going into this Jumbled July deal I was thinking in the back of my mind that the Shaving Yeti soaps would be the ones to go, especially when I started my first pass, but now I’m not so sure. First, I used my nice Semogue 730HD Silvertip badger brush as this and that Vie-Long produce the nicest lathers for all the soaps I have. I had soaked my brush in hot water and loaded for quite some time, transferred to my salsa bowl and created a mound of what looked like perfect lather. Honestly, from a visual viewpoint it was the perfect lather. I put it on my face, enjoying the light scent of the soap and then set my adjustable Schick to 6 and proceeded to go WTG on my right cheek. After two passes I stopped and examined the lather between my fingers and found it wasn’t slick at all. I decided to add some hot water to the top of the soap and wait a moment, then I reloaded my brush (kept the old lather too) and then back to the salsa bowl. This and the old lather made a very thick and super slick lather and  I proceeded to finish my WTG pass. It went very well and I reduced the gap on the razor to 3 and did two XTG and a final ATG with no nicks or irritation. Took a hot shower and splashed on some Special Reserve. I am again BBS and looking and smelling pretty.

Lesson I learned here is add a little hot water to the top of the Shaving Yeti soaps and wait a minute. Because of this technique and using the silvertip badger brush I was able to get the best lather from their soap ever. I think everyone should have at least one silvertip badger in their den. Also, if you are an injector user, you owe it to yourself to get a Schick adjustable. I love my Schick E-2 type because it is so nice to look at, but this adjustable can do the job better!

  • Shaving Yeti – Dr. Yeti’s Magic Elixir
  • Semogue 730HD Silvertip
  • Schick Injector type M adjustable
  • Schick blade
  • Hot Shower
  • Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve



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