Jumbled July ~ Head Shave of the Night – Stirling Soap – Texas on Fire

Having more than 31 soaps means more frequent head shaves and I figured last night was a good time for it. I love Stirling Soaps for the way the soap leaves my skin soft and conditioned. I used my Vie-Long 14830 with it and got plenty of lather but the lather wasn’t quite right. It has always seemed to be off to my memory and I got to thinking that I’ve pretty much stuck to boar or horse with this soap. Most times when I lather I get stiff peaks. You can put a dollop of lather on a brush and it would hold it’s shape. Last night it wasn’t the case. It would slowly run down the brush or sides of the bowl. After my shave I asked about this in a very private forum and no one else seemed to have that issue so I went back and used my Parker best badger with the same temp water and the same amount and I got perfect lather. Apparently it comes down to the brush. Lesson learned.

Back to the head shave! I did one pass and the Croma felt much smoother on my head and with the exception of a bump I sliced off in the back it was a great one pass shave. I washed my scalp off and pat dry with a towel and I was done. No balm or aftershave was needed, nor was it desired as I could still smell the aroma of the soap. It’s pretty strong. This is a soap I prefer when it is colder.

  • Stirling Soap – Texas on Fire
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Merkur 11c
  • Croma Diamant



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