Shave of the Day ~ Vinegar tainted shaving adventure

So if you noticed my Mail Call post from yesterday, you will see I got two new/used brushes that needed cleaning up. Since it has been so long, I decided to clean all my brushes. I had watched a video earlier where they washed in antibacterial dishwashing soap and then soaked in vinegar and rinsed out. There was more to it and you can see it and find oodles of other information here at Em’s Place Inc. Clicking the link will open a separate window. I had a lot of brushes to clean, as you can see at the end of this post, and I started to rinse out a lot faster. Apparently, I did not get all the vinegar out so that the loading of soap took much longer, there wasn’t a lot of lather and it provided no slickness or glide. I did two, very light passes with my Fatboy set to 5 both times. I rinsed my newly acquired SOC brush out and went off to church. When I got home I rinsed it again and lathered and I got a great amount of slick lather. Lesson learned, Must do a better job of rinsing. The good news is all my brushes are clean!

As always, it is Sunday, so I’m just going with some Cologne and skipping the aftershave or balms.

  • Van Der Hagen deluxe
  • 1960 Gillette 195 (Fatboy)
  • Semogue Owners Club boar
  • Astra SP
  • GFT Spanish leather Cologne


So here are my useable brushes that I cleaned (not pictured is a Slate Shave badger that the knot fell out, a VDH handle with no knot and a handle from West Germany with no knot).

  • First photo, left side hanging down is the vintage Durobuilt nylon from a few days ago, Omega Sintex and my wife’s Mama Bears boar.
  • Right side hanging down is a cheap Marvy boar brush and a cheap Elite badger brush.
  • Top row, L to R, is a vintage Monclair (made in Switzerland) boar (the only painted wooden handle brush that has not cracked yet), a vintage Rubberset 153 boar, a vintage Century #4 boar and a vintage Gillette Atra or Trac 2 boar brush and stand.
  • Middle row, L to R, is a vintage Ever~Ready 200T (not sure of the hair), a vintage Ever~Ready 500PBT restored with a TGN Silvertip grade A knot, a Parker Best badger and a Van Der Hagen boar.
  • Bottom row, L to R, is my 3 Vie-Long brushes. The white is model 14830 is horse, The small 13070 horse (very soft) and the 16727 White two band.


Here’s my Semogue collection. From L to R we have:

  • Semogue 730HD Silvertip
  • Semogue 740 Pure badger
  • Semogue 1520 boar
  • Semogue 830 boar (my first Semogue)
  • Semogue Owners Club boar – broken in by the previous owner



One thought on “Shave of the Day ~ Vinegar tainted shaving adventure

  1. I began to like Semogue as well recently after having discovered that mine needs breaking in and want to get the ones with the 1800 style wooden handle, very ergonomic. Thanks for the useful vinegar tips/link.


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