Shave of the Day – No time for photos

Five visitors and 54 views today and I haven’t even posted yet. Cool.

I have decided to stick with the Van Der Hagen today and for the rest of the month at least, changing razors, brushes and aftershaves. After my shave yesterday I failed to clean my brush and bowl and didn’t get to it till around 11pm and found that the lather was still moist and useable. I cleaned it anyway as I had plans for a different brush this morning. Today I used my Parker best badger, loaded for 10 to 15 seconds perhaps and had more than enough lather for the 4 passes I did. My face is completely BBS and no nicks that I know of. After my shower I applied some Barbasol Brisk. It’s almost, exactly like Skin Bracer and I’m not sure I could tell the difference if blind folded.

Looking at the lather left over I am confident I could get another 4 passes. My first four passes had me looking like St. Nick with a large white beard. I had put it on thick and I still have so much left. Using the badger brush certainly produced more lather than the old nylon.

A thunderstorm is approaching so I got to shut this computer down so that pretty much ends this post.

  • Van Der Hagen deluxe
  • Parker best badger
  • Schick Krona
  • Astra SP
  • Barbasol Brisk

Shaving music for the morning was:


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