Shave of the Day ~ Van Der Hagen… Where’s the love folks?

Here’s one we seldom see in other folks Shave of the Day photos. Van Der Hagen Deluxe shave soap. It is so inexpensive and easily found. It loads easily, has plenty of cushion and slickness to rival the best and, to my nose, it is just a soapy scent. I’ll put it straight to you. IF I had only watched the Mantic59 videos and never joined Badger and Blade or the many Facebook forums, this would be the only shave soap in my shave den. I could have simply changed my aftershave up daily to keep my nose happy. You see that brush down there? That’s a vintage nylon bristle brush. I don’t care much for it. I don’t like how it feels in my hands and it is ugly. I have yet to see anyone use a vintage nylon shave brush in their postings. My Omega Sintex is only a step up, but the recent synthetic brushes are so much better than both. I used this brush today and got a great lather. I didn’t get the amounts of lather that the other brushes can generate but I got enough. It certainly wasn’t the fault of the soap. It also doesn’t dry very fast.

Day two of using the Micro Touch One. Used the same blade and got a better shave today. Took this photo and promptly dropped it. It landed on top of the toilet, bounced to the tile floor and then bounced a few times two fee away, also on the tile. Being cheap, I expected it to break but I can’t find any plating loss or dents. It is more solid than I thought!

Don’t know if I will be keeping the brush.

  • Van Der Hagen Deluxe
  • Durobuilt nylon brush
  • Micro Touch One
  • Gillette Silver Blue
  • Family Dollar ‘Brut’


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