Shave of the Day – Inspired by Mantic59

So I was reading an article written by Mantic59 over at Sharpologist yesterday and was inspired to bring out my own Micro Touch One razor this morning and go for a shave. I agree with Mantic that they are decent gentle shavers and I have recommended them for beginners. The only problem I have with it is it is so mild that I tend to apply way too much pressure and cause some skin issues. The aftershave application sure did burn, but I am BBS. If you know of someone who wants to take the first steps to traditional wet shaving, then point them in the direction of any of the three in his article. They really do work well, easy to find and low-cost. Just supply your buddy with better blades and a good soap and brush and they should be ready to go!

You may notice that the two English Leather bottles are different. The smaller cologne bottle is from when it was still made by the MEM company. The larger aftershave bottle (wooden top to the side) is your modern version made by Dana. I remember getting an English Leather set in the 80’s, produced by MEM, but I had only used it once and never again because it made my nose itch and my face sting like hell. I held on to it all the way up to the early 2000’s before letting it go. Of course now I get better shaves and the stuff doesn’t sting as much, or not at all and my nose seems to get along with most scents. It’s a shame I threw those two bottles away.

The Vie-Long 14830 horse brush created a humongous amount of lather and it’s nice and soft if you paint the lather on, but if you are a swirler like myself it becomes very scratchy.

  • BDF Esclusivo
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Micro Touch One
  • Gillette Silver Blue
  • English Leather aftershave (modern)
  • English Leather cologne (vintage)

For those that don’t scroll past the photo, I do sometimes post links to other shave related places so you might want to check under the photos and some of the past links. It’s not everyday, just here and there.


Of course I got to give it up to Sharpologist

For the fellow head shavers out there, here’s ThatShaveLife


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