Shave of the Day ~ Williams Wednesday

Thought I’d try the Shavette again. Shavette with modern Williams means one hell of a long shave. I don’t know how many times I had to reapply the lather but the shave took probably about 45 minutes to get a decent shave. With the way my hairs lay and not being proficient with the other hand really complicates things. The plus side is the shorter width of the Shavette blade compared to a traditional straight razor does help on my neck. With all that work, I did end up BBS, in one 1 1/2 inch area directly under the chin. Next time I’ll use the razor with a better soap.

With all that scraping I wanted some menthol but not with the alcohol so I grabbed some Soap Commander Refreshment balm. I am typically not a balm person and when I use one I am very picky. I only have three in my den; TBS Razor Relief, Soap Commander and AoS. Ahhhh, menthol.

  • Williams Mug Soap (modern)
  • Vie-Long 13070
  • Parker Shavette
  • Shark blade
  • Soap Commander Refreshment


Links for today:

Soap Commander

Shave of the Day videos with Paul

Geofatboy videos


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