Shave of the Day ~ Happy Fathers Day!

First shave back home after a few days of traveling and it’s Fathers Day. I needed something masculine and awesome all around. I got several soaps in my den that would qualify, but I ended up picking Ginger’s Garden Suede (tallow version). It comes in a good size tub and the top can be unscrewed for a larger loading area or you can pop the lid for a slightly smaller area that has a lip to hold the lather in. I am assuming that this is the reason. My Van der Hagen boar brush is still quite stiff, though the tips are very soft, so I just popped the top and loaded that way. I lightly loaded for about 10 seconds, and though it didn’t seem like much, I had a face full of thick lather for 3 passes. THIS IS A GREAT SOAP! The tallow version comes in at 3 dollars an ounce. This is more than I would normally spend as I’m a very cheap person, but it is NOT expensive like other soaps and it is just as good or better than those larger companies. She has a lot of scents to choose from too. I really need to finish off some other soaps so I can get some more.

I used the Derby Extra that was still in the razor and did 3 passes. I thin lathered a fourth time and took a hot shower, washed off with soap and a wash cloth and stepping out I could still smell Suede. Fantastic! Before heading out the door for my Fathers Day lunch I splashed on some British Sterling. NO sting and felt great. The face is clear, smooth and smelling good. Every shave should be this good!

Link for today is to Ginger’s Garden and some YouTube videos from Martin Pape.

  1. Ginger’s Garden Sunburst
  2. Ginger’s Garden Havana Cognac vs. Sunburst
  3. GG Vetiver vs. HC
  4. GG Pure Malt vs. HC
  5. GG Gluwein vs. Pure Malt
  6. GG Amerikesh vs. Pure Malt
  7. GG Amerikesh vs. Artic Mud



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