Shave of the Day *Head/Face*

I have a love/hate relationship with a certain razor in my collection. It is a ‘Made in India’ head on an Edwin Jagger handle. I love the EJ handle but the head cuts very, VERY aggressively. I don’t know for sure which company but I suspect either Cadet or Parker. I decided to lather up some more Klar with a vintage boar brush. Today it is a Century #4 boar bristle. All original, no restoration. This brush holds a water well and doesn’t like to let go, even when I shake it. The lather it whipped up was great, but slightly different from the badger brush I used yesterday. This could have been because of the water it had retained. I did two passes on my face and then lathered my head. I had just started when I had to stop and go fix breakfast for my boy. I came back and it had dried some. I put a little water up top and rubbed it around. All in all it was a good head shave, but I have had better. Did I mention I used a Feather blade… I really should NOT use a Feather blade with this head. The aftershave application on face and head burned so much but 6 hours later it feels just fine.

  • Klar Kabinett
  • Century #4 boar
  • Parker head on Edwin Jagger handle
  • Feather blade
  • Family Dollar version of Brut


How about a link. I’m thinking Nick Shaves. Go check him out. Lots of shaving videos.

Music for today’s shave was


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