Shave of the Day – Klar Kabinett

I am truly blessed to know other traditional shavers that have huge hearts and are eager to share, or give away, things to others. Two that have direct bearing on today’s shave is Todd B. and Arley C.  Some time back Todd sent me a small block of Klar Kabinett and more recently Arley sent me what looks to be a half block of it (which is sealed up right now till I finish this off). This shave soap isn’t sold anymore. They come in tins and I am unsure if the formula is the same. Here is their website. Here is a photo (NOT MINE) of what the old soap looked like.


There are a few ways you could use this soap.

  1. Grate and mash into a bowl (what I did)
  2. Rub directly on face in current form.
  3. Load onto brush in current form.
  4. or I suppose you could warm it up and mash into bowl

So I have the small sample grated into a salsa bowl. It is a dead ringer for a rose flower to my nose. It “was” a pretty strong scent. When I first got it and grated it, I left it exposed and my bathroom smelled of roses for over a week. Now the good part. In my den, this is probably the best performing soap I have! With a damp brush and 5 seconds you have enough lather for 3 passes. Load and swirl a bit more and you have enough for 8 passes (depending on brush). It really does seem to explode with lather, uses very little of the soap (it’s a very hard soap) and you can make it thin or thick easily. It has the best cushion and glide too. If you like the smell of roses and you come across this for a good price, grab it!

So I did 4, that’s 4, passes with a used Treet Super loaded in my Gem 1912. Remember that bump that got sliced yesterday? It is still there. How did a not-so-smooth blade do on that bump with this soap? Pretty darn good! No bleeding and I went ATG to finish and am BBS all over. How’s that for a good soap?!?!

I asked my wife to pick out my scent of the day as we overslept and missed church and she choose the Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp balm. That is a really great balm but the price is just too high.


  • Soap – Klar Kabinett (discontinued)
  • Brush – Vie-Long 16727
  • Razor – Gem 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Balm – Art of Shaving – Ocean Kelp

Shaving music for the day:


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