Cream Week ~ Day 7 ~ Old Spice ~ Shave of the Day

Here we are! Last day of Cream Week and I’m sitting back home after a short vacation. I slept like a rock and approached my morning shave with clear, wide-opened eyes. I was recently given a new tube of Old Spice shave cream, and since I had only sampled this stuff like a year ago I thought I’d save it for last.  To my nose, the scent is not very strong and it was ruined this morning by shooting Flonase into my nose before the shave. Dang it! Lesson learned. I used the exact almond size amount that I had used for all other creams this week and lathered it up. I felt it lathered nicely and I put it on my face. For glide, I’m going to rank this at the bottom of all creams I have used this week. It actually skipped on my face and sliced off a bump. Haven’t bled like that in a long time! It’s slick, just not as slick as I’d like. YMMV as they say.

Did 3 passes and am nearly BBS all over (cheeks are BBS). Took my shower and put on some vintage Old Spice aftershave and cologne. Yummy!


So which were my favorite creams? Well, it varies based on categories.


  1. Art of Shaving – Ocean Kelp
  2. George F. Trumpers – Lime (if it was more true lime like it would have been first)
  3. J. M. Fraser’s – Original

Amount of Lather in bowl

  1. Art of Shaving – Ocean Kelp
  2. George F. Trumpers – Lime
  3. Omega


  1. George F. Trumpers – Lime
  2. Omega
  3. Art of Shaving – Ocean Kelp

Post Shave Feel before aftershave

  1. Yardley Gold (soft skin)
  2. Omega (slight tingle)
  3. Could not decide

As always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Noticed that my blog has been included in Sharpologist lastest discussions page all this week so I’d like to thank Mantic59. Thank you! Also, for any who are interested in making that switch from high priced multi-bladed razors to the traditional way, then check out Sharpologist and click the First Time Here? link. He’s got dozens of videos to show you how it is done. His videos are what got me started too!


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