Cream Week ~ Day 2 ~ C. O. Bigelow VS Omega ~ Shave fo the Day

So it’s Day Two of so called Cream Week. Last night while rummaging around my den I found a seventh cream, Yardley Gold, so I’ll have a different soap each day this week. One of these creams will be used on my head as well as my face.

Today I used Omega shave cream. I was looking at the price between the two and noticed that the shaving sites are selling a smaller tube of Omega and the design is different from what I have. I seem to remember that this 5.2 ounce tube (same size as the larger Bigelow tube) was only 6 dollars. Now it looks like it may be reformulated and more expensive, putting the price comparable to Bigelow.


To my nose, both smell identical. If I was blindfolded I would not be able to tell the difference. Looking at the ingredient list I see the middle of the list differs slightly, but scent and unlathered consistency is the same. Using the same brush as yesterday and the same method, the Omega whipped up a better lather faster than Bigelow! The only difference for this shave from yesterday is I shaved before I showered. After swirling my brush in my salsa bowl for the same time as the Bigelow I lathered it on. Owing to the fact that I had a larger mound of creamy lather, the lathering process on the face felt softer. The performance, IMO, was identical though. I’m not sure, but I think the Omega was a bit cooler. I did 3 passes exactly like yesterday and got the same results. If price is the same, I would choose the Omega as long as the formula is the same as what I have now. I will tell you that Bath and Body Works usually has Bigelow at a buy two and get 3rd free sale all the time and if they aren’t sold out of the larger tubes then it is a great buy.

  • Soap – Omega (older formula?)
  • Brush – Semogue 730HD Silvertip
  • Razor – Schick type E-2 Injector
  • Blade – Schick
  • Hot shower post shave
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer

Barbasol Brisk, Skin Bracer or Jeris Osage Rub are the perfect aftershaves to compliment the two creams!



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