Thursday shave was my first use of Stirling Soap Co. – Ozark Mountain. I was hoping it might have menthol but it does not. No big deal. Why did I grab a soap that I had reserved for cooler days? Anxiety, that’s why. I needed something to help me relax and nothing helps me relax like being outdoors on a mountain. This did the trick for me. Though I did not need one, I still wanted an aftershave that would keep me in that state of mine for awhile longer and I remembered the vintage bottle of Avon Everest aftershave. It was the perfect combo.


Friday = No shave = No Time

Today (Saturday) I reached for some Soap Commander. As I picked up my tub of Respect I saw the Refreshment underneath and my original plan had instantly changed. Not the biggest of lathers today thanks to my choice of brush but Soap Commander is some slick stuff! I took my time and actually did a true ATG pass all over in the end. No redness, no bumps, no nicks. I’m BBS and feeling great. Rinsed off with just cold water and applied some of their balm, which DOES contain some menthol. What a great feeling.The balm absorbs in fairly quick and feels good and the scent lasts for a few hours. It has been two hours and I can still smell it.


I should note that I have noticed that Stirling Soap Co. has added some new items. Also Soap Commander has a Fougere scented soap out now and coffee…. as in real coffee that you brew and drink. AND, Soap Commander has a new summer scent soap coming out later this month so keep your eyes open.


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