Shave of the Day ~ May 17th, 2015

Did not expect the good results that I ended up with today. The blade has been use a few times and should be at the end of it’s life and the way I handled the razor should have at least given me some bleeders, but no. Nothing like that at all. In fact, after 2 passes I looked BBS and nearly felt BBS all over. I did very short quick strokes. Come to think of it, I was blade buffing. Here’s Mark’s video to tell you more about it.

Decided to skip the alum and just use cold water today as I was skipping balm and aftershaves and didn’t want the alum to dry out my skin.

The soap was a gift, along with the vintage Yardley bowl, from another shaver. (The brush was a gift from another also). I really like this soap. It seems to be just like Van der Hagen Deluxe but the scent is fantastic! It lathers very quickly and nails the slickness and cushion needed for a great shave. Honestly, when the time comes I will be ordering some for myself. Want to check out their scents? Just go here! This particular scent seems to lean more towards the coconut.

  • Soap – Classic Shaving – Coconut and Lime
  • Brush – Semogue 730 Silvertip
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Gillette 7 o’clock Sharpedge
  • Cold water
  • Cologne – GFT Spanish Leather



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