Shave of the Day ~ Tabac Tuesdays

I always look forward to using Tabac. Great soap, great scent. I already decided to take a photo so I decided to use mostly white items. Unfortunately this meant a Gem Featherweight razor and a Treet blade, which are not stainless. I bought this blades in bulk a year a ago and they have, for the most part (95%) done a great job. Perhaps storing these in the bathroom all this time is starting to take it’s toll though. I unwrapped a new blade and saw some tarnish on the side. Figured it was still good and loaded it and started my shave. Oh my goodness! I should have never done the ATG pass and why was I using so much pressure? I guess I was just not myself. Bad blade or bad technique or both but I ended up a bloody mess and had to forgo the aftershave for some Body Shop Razor Relief…. and for once that doesn’t even seem to be enough. My cheeks are in flames! My jawline hurts too. Despite the blood on the neck, it doesn’t seem as bad. Boy I really did a number on myself. Yeah, that IS a styptic you see. Once in a blue moon I just totally screw it up and today was the day. In another hour I should be okay. I’m thinking about going back in and washing my face with some cold water and Noxzema and see what that does.

Two things for you folks to take away from this experience:

  1. if the blade feels bad, throw it away!
  2. no pressure!
  • Tabac
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse
  • Gem Featherweight
  • Treet Super
  • The Body Shop Razor Relief balm
  • and a good amount of styptic.
  • ..and lots of cold water.



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