Shave of the Day ~ May 9th, 2015 – Reef Point Soaps


I had bought this soap last year in anticipation for the warmer months and I never saw that it had contained menthol. Imagine my surprise as I was finishing my first pass that I noticed the skin tingling of menthol taking effect. From my point of view the amount of menthol is perfect. The whole face was on cool down in a very nice pleasant way. Of course the scent was excellent. I seem to have quite a collection of ‘lime’ based scents. Soap Commander – Respect, Reef Point Soaps – Sublime, George F. Trumper’s – Lime, Classic Shaving – Lime and Coconut, Shaving Yeti – Shore Leave and Maggard Razor’s Lime and Bergamot. I also have some lemony scented soaps too but lime is my preferred between the two. These and my menthol based soaps are my spring, summer and part of fall soaps. It just seems appropriate to use them when it is warmer here in Georgia.

Last time I used Reef Point (Peerless) I finally got my water to soap ratio right and was very pleased. Well, I forgot what I had done. I had some water in a salsa bowl and after loading I whipped it up and that and it was a bit frothy. Did I spell that right? Instead of loading more soap I decided to see how it did. It did great! Still plenty of slickness and as I swirled it on the face it seemed to thicken a bit. I set my razor to ‘9’ and did XTG on cheek and neck and then reset to ‘3’ for XTG on neck and ATG on cheeks. Darn fine shave results and the face looks and felt great.

Aftershave was a bit of a dilemma. I had the lime scent still hanging around but I also had the nice cool mentholated skin happening.  Which feature did I want to prolong? It was a touch call. In the end I chose the Pinaud cologne and skipped the aftershave. My skin was feeling good from the soap and cold rinse that I figured I could skip the aftershave. A few hours later and I knew I made the right choice. It is a shame the Pinaud doesn’t last long. I thought the scent more closely matched the soap’s scent of all the choices I had.

  • Reef Point Soaps – Sublime
  • Semogue 730 Silvertip
  • 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable (Black Beauty)
  • Gillette 7 O’clock Sharpedge (yellow)
  • Pinaud Citrus Musk



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