Shave of the Day(s)

May 5th

  • Soap – Tabac
  • Brush – Vie-Long 13070
  • Razor – Coles NY travel slant
  • Blade – Feather
  • Aftershave – Tabac


May 6th

  • Brush – Vie-Long 13070
  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (Fatboy)
  • Blade – Feather
  • Aftershave – British Sterling


May 7th

  • Soap – Maggard Razors Lime & Bergamot
  • Brush – Semogue 730 Silvertip
  • Razor – 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable (Black Beauty)
  • Blade – Gillette 7’Oclock Sharpedge (yellow)
  • Aftershave – British Sterling


My first 2 days were okay but felt rough and basically consisted of 1 or 2 passes because of it’s feel. The lather was just fine both days and I have used the razors plenty of times. Either it was a bad blade or I just had a couple of off days. The good news was both shaves were more comfortable and enjoyable than a cartridge for myself.

Today I tried a new soap for myself. Really enjoyed the lime scent (I like limes). The performance was excellent. Did a WTG pass on ‘7’, two XTG passes on ‘3’ and a final ATG pass on ‘1’. I still feel some stubble as it is hard to find the right angle at that low setting. A bit of sting with the aftershave but no bleeding and I have felt much harder aftershave stings. Out of the three shaves, this was the best!


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