Menthol Monday’s are back! ~ SOTD ~ 23March2015

Well, Spring is officially here so I am starting to change over my soaps. I had though I would have finished off a tub of one of my winter scents but it never happened. These soaps tend to last a lifetime when you have good water like myself. To kick off my first Menthol Monday of 2015 is Tiki Bar Soap’s Set Sail. The menthol level in this soap is very small and I don’t notice it till after the second shave.

  • Soap – Tiki Set Sail
  • Brush – Semogue 730 Silvertip
  • Razor – 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable (long handled Black Beauty)
  • Blade – Voskhod
  • Alum
  • Aftershave – Barbasol Pacific Rush

For some reason, either my shower was way to fast or it was the blade, but I had some weepers on my first pass. That doesn’t normally happen.



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