Shave of the Day–Day of the PIFS – 12March2015

Today, I let go of all three of my Straight razors. It just wasn’t working out so I just gave them away. Here in the traditional shaving world we call that a PIF or pay it forward.  Some have rules and expectations and others do not.  The Peerless I gave to a Veteran as it was given to me from a veteran on the condition that I pass it forward to another if I depart with it. Done deal. Another was a George Wostenholm and Sons razor with the famous pipe trademark. For it’s age it is in great condition and probably worth some money, but it was given to me in a large PIF with the condition that I some day PIF a shaving item, or items, to someone down the road. Though I have done this a few times I didn’t feel right selling it so I gave it away anyway. The third was a modern straight razor and I gave that back to the person that gave it to me, plus I sent along two used leather strops for him to do what he will with it. So three packages in the mail and out of my shave den. Giving feels good. Have you given things away just to be nice? It can be contagious. I started to think about it and decided that my 1946 Gillette Contract Tech should be given away. Very mild and I only spent 5 dollars on it at an antique store. So right now I am holding a PIF raffle on a private facebook group that ends tonight. After this it may be a quite a time before I have anything of mine that I am going to give away.

So today’s face shave took place. I had skipped it yesterday as I never found the time. A shave when there is more than a days growth is always an awesome experience. I decided that the Gem G-bar would be a great one to use today. I lathered the luxurious RazoRock XX on with my horsey brush, went to finish getting dressed, minus shirt, and then came back and brushed on some more.  You want a really good soap at a good price? RazoRock. The main place to get it would be at  but you can also get it at and I’m going to be so sad when this one is used up.

After lathering twice, the Gem G-bar sliced smoothly on all three passes. WTG, XTG and ATG on cheek and XTG,XTG, and mostly ATG on neck.  No nicks, no redness. So smooth. It is how every shave should be.

Soap – RazoRock XX

Brush – Vie Long 14830

Razor – Gem G-bar

Blade – Treet Super

Alum block (no sting or burn)

Balm – RazoRock XX




My continued use of RazoRock XX doesn’t mean it is my best soap. This was a large sample that I am working on so I can de-clutter my shave den. It is certainly in the top 10 though. There is still Ginger’s Garden, Soap Commander, Tiki Bar Soap , Stirling Soaps and Reef Point Soap and some others.

All very very good though some more expensive than others.


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